ICM 2019 Call for Papers

University College Cork, 27-29 June 2019

The 33rd Irish Conference of Medievalists invites proposals for papers on any aspect of medieval studies, including but not limited to:

art history

Papers should last 20 minutes (+ 10 minutes for discussion).
We also invite proposals for themed sessions, comprising 3 speakers (please provide a proposal for each paper, and you are welcome to nominate your own session chair).

Proposals should contain the following information:

  • name
  • institutional affiliation (if any)
  • email address
  • abstract (c. 100 words)

Proposals should be sent to icm@ucc.ie no later than Friday 22 March. Those submitting pro-posals can expect to be notified before Friday 12 April.

Fáilteofar roimh pháipéir as Gaeilge.

ICM 2019 Call for Papers poster [PDF]

ICM 2019 Visiting Cork

How to get to Cork

Cork City Council provide a page to help with information about getting to Cork. This site also provides maps, how to get around and information about what to see when walking around the city.

Staying in Cork and what to do

To find out about places to visit, where to stay and all kinds of other tourist information, the place to go is the Cork Tourist Office, which is located on Patrick Street, near Patrick’s Bridge; location; phone +353 21 4255100; contact form

Cork was named in the Top Ten Places to Visit in 2010 by Lonely Planet: visit their webpage about Cork to find out more.

Cork City Council has also provided information about where to stay in the city.

Getting to UCC

University College Cork provides information about how to get to the main campus.
There are downloadable maps and also a Google map of the campus.