20th Irish Conference of Medievalists, 22–24 June 2006

St Kieran’s College, Kilkenny

Edel Bhreathnach The world of medieval Irish learning: the evidence of glossaries and manuscripts

Harriet Thomsett Scélaigecht in medieval Ireland: an assessment of the literary evidence

Thomas McErlean Monastic estates and the twelfth-century reform

Diarmuid Ó Riain An Irish Jerusalem in Bavaria: the monastery of the Holy Cross and Holy Sepulchre

Michael Gibbons The problem of the Scots: the nature and extent of “Irish” settlement in Britain

John Bradley The Hospital of St Mary Magdalen, Kilkenny, at the close of the middle ages

Daniel Tietsch-Tyler Historical reconstruction: a useful tool for the archaeologist, architect and historian?

Judyta Szacillo Vita Sancti Aedi and its historical context

Colmán Etchingham Two short notes on Vikings

Kelly Fitzgerald Echtra Chonaill Gulbain, a man forgotten by his land: an analysis of literary influence on the oral tradition

Deirdre McAlister Early medieval childhoods: methodology, theory and evidence

Charles Smith Papal taxation in medieval Ireland

Freya Verstraten Portraits of lordship: images of 13th- and 14th-century Gaelic Irish rulers

Catherine Swift St Brigit’s nuns: French, African, Turkish or Irish?

Colin Veach ‘An ingenious act of little recourse’: Henry II’s grant of Meath to Hugh de Lacy

Peter Crooks The ‘Ricardian Vision’ revisited: Richard II and Ireland, 1394-1399

David Woods Gildas, Aetius and Patrick

Patrick McCafferty Comets in Irish mythology: finding facts in fantasy fiction?

Melanie Madox Early Irish law and the Irish ciuitas

Grigori Bondarenko Fintan mac Bóchna: Irish synthetic history revisited

Rosemary Power Faith, theft and fraud: a view of Norse-Hebridean contacts in the early 13th century

Alex Woolf Found in translation: Caw Prydyn and Caustantyn king of Alba

Ian Beuermann Man in focus: Henry II and Ireland

Paul McCotter Cantred and tríocha cét: one and the same?

Nicholas Evans The calculation of Columba’s arrival in Britain in Bede’s Ecclesiastical History and the Pictish king-list

Colmán Etchingham The history of Viking Limerick

Brian Lacey Fahan and Carndonagh: two cross-slabs, three Áeds and four clerics

Aideen O’Leary Druidic genealogy: Mog Ruith and his descendants in medieval Munster

Marcus Bale The etymology of the name of the festival of Beltaine

Bridgette Slavin Druídecht, cumachta and éle: references to magic in Early Irish texts