Programme of the 31st ICM, 2017

*Please note the change of venue*

Thursday 29 June

Registration 9.00am – John Hume Building (North Campus)

Session Ia 9.30am – 11am,

ChronHib I (Chair: Dr Chantal Kobel) – John Hume Lecture Hall 7

  1. Lars Nooij (Maynooth), ‘The Irish Material in the “Stowe Missal” Revisited’
  2. David Stifter (Maynooth), ‘Words, Words, Words’
  3. Fangzhe Qiu (Maynooth), ‘Aue (“Descendent”) and its Descendents’

Session Ib 9.30 – 11am,

Medieval Medicine (Chair: Professor Richard Sharpe) – John Hume Lecture Hall 4

1. Deborah Hayden (Maynooth), ‘Authority and Attribution in a Medieval Irish Medical Compendium’
2. Emily Kesling (Oxford), ‘Grammatica, the Lacnunga, and the Margins of CCCC 41’

Coffee 11 – 11.30am (John Hume Building)

Session IIa 11.30am – 1pm,

ChronHib 2 (Chair: Professor David Stifter) – John Hume Lecture Hall 7

1. Elliott Lash (Maynooth), ‘Transitivity and Subject Positions in Early Irish’
2. Bernhard Bauer (Maynooth), ‘Bede for “someone rather less skilled in calculation”’
3. Michelle Doran (Maynooth), ‘Data Normalisation for Computational Linguistics and the Dating of Early Irish Texts’

Session IIb, 11.30am – 1pm,

Historiography and Pedagogy (Chair: Dr Kate Louise Mathis) – John Hume Lecture Hall 4

1. Ruairí Cullen (QUB), ‘“A Mockery of History”: Robert Dunlop, Alice Stopford Green and Medieval Ireland in the Early Twentieth Century’
2. Denis Casey (Maynooth), ‘Why we Should be Encouraging our Students to Use Wikipedia’

Lunch 1pm – 2.30pm

Session IIIa 2.30pm – 4pm,

Ecclesiastical History and Theology (Chair: Dr Sarah Waidler) – John Hume Lecture Hall 7

1. Craig Lyons (Cornell), ‘Cristes Þegn: Lessons for the Christian Warrior in Ælfric’s Lives of the Saints’
2. Margaret Cormack (Charleston), ‘Holy Water and Holy Wells in Medieval Iceland’
3. Aoife Haberlin (Glasgow), ‘The Devil Made Me Do It: the Importance of Spiritual Protection for the Medieval Pilgrim’

Session IIIb, 2.30pm – 4pm,

Medieval Irish Archaeology (Chair: Dr Denis Casey) – John Hume Lecture Hall 4

1. Niamh Wycherley (Galway), ‘Burial ad sanctos in Early Medieval Ireland’
2. Gill Boazman (UCC), ‘A Cross Shaft on the Mizen, Co. Cork, and the Polity of Desmumu’
3. Lorna Moloney (Galway), ‘Mapping Gaelic Lordships: the Use of Historical GIS’

Coffee 4.00pm – 4.30pm – Iontas Building, foyer

Plenary I 4.30pm – 6.00pm, Iontas Lecture Theatre

Chair, Dr Elizabeth Boyle

Professor Robin Chapman Stacey (Washington) – ‘Thinking Proverbially about Medieval Welsh Law’

The lecture will be followed by a wine reception and book launch in the Iontas Building foyer

Friday 30 June

Registration 9.00am – John Hume Building (North Campus)

Session Ia 9.30am – 11am,

Medieval Irish Literature I (Chair: Professor Ruairí Ó hUiginn) – John Hume Lecture Hall 7

1. Kate Louise Mathis (Edinburgh), ‘“Or nad-fil lem féin find-fhocla” (Since I myself have not wise words): Violent Deeds and Damning Speech in Longes mac nUislenn
2. Tom O’Donnell (UCL), ‘Children’s Flesh and Mother’s Milk: Eithne Uathach, Cannibalism, and Fosterage’
3. Rebecca Try (QUB), ‘Fionn mac Cumaill: Wild Warrior to Noble Leader’

Session Ib, 9.30am – 11am,

Medieval Philosophy (Chair: Dr Deborah Hayden) – John Hume Lecture Hall 4

1. Eleonora Adriani (Warburg Institute), ‘The Influence of the Stars and the Intervention of Demons on Wars: an Insight into the Liber Introductorius of Michael Scot’
2. Antonio Felline (Cologne), ‘From John of Damscus to Duns Scotus: How Deep Can Be the Difference Between Their “Sea of Infinite and Indeterminate Essence”? The Powerful History of a Metaphor’
3. Neil O’Donnell (Eichstätt-Ingolstadt), ‘The Shifting Meaning of Philosophy: the Ancient and Medieval Conception of Philosophy against the Modern’

Coffee 11am – 11.30am (John Hume Building),

Session IIa 11.30am – 1pm,

Medieval Irish Literature II – John Hume Lecture Hall 7

1. Liam Breatnach (DIAS), ‘An Old Irish Prophecy of Brigit and the Origin Legend of the Fothairt’
2. Chantal Kobel (Maynooth), ‘“The True Nature of Tears”: Observations on Miscellaneous Material in RIA MS 23 N 10’
3. Sarah Künzler (TCD), ‘Honey-mouthing History: a Reappraisal of Airec Menman Uraird Maic Coise from a Memory Studies Perspective’

Session IIb, 11.30am – 1pm,

Epigraphy, Numismatics, Iconography (Chair: Professor Barry Lewis) – John Hume Lecture Hall 4

1. Anthony Harvey (RIA), ‘Philological Considerations Set in Stone: Looking Again at the Early Medieval Inscriptions of Wales’
2. David Woods (UCC), ‘The Late Roman Models of the Special Reverse Types on the Coinage of Western Mercia c. AD907-18’
3. Cindy Cadoret (Paris-Sorbonne), ‘The Fish Hunted by the Bird of Prey: from the Ichthys to the Salmon of Knowledge and its Iconographic Background’

Lunch 1pm – 2.30pm

Session IIIa 2.30pm – 4pm,

Understanding Scribes and Scriptoria in Early Medieval Ireland – Commencing a Conversation (Chair: Dr Rachel Moss) – John Hume Lecture Hall 7

1. Donncha MacGabhann (TCD), ‘Were Great Scribes Bad Latinists? Some Observations on the Book of Kells’ “Poor Latinity”’
2. Eleanor Jackson (York), ‘Who Were the Scribes of the Pocket Gospels? The Case for Informal Book Production in the Insular World’
3. Laura McCloskey (TCD), ‘A Meditation on the Divine: the Book of Durrow as an Exemplar of Mediterranean Influence in Early Medieval Irish Scriptoria’

Session IIIb, 2.30pm – 4pm,

New Directions in Medieval Religion (sponsored by Irish Theological Quarterly) (Chair: Professor Salvador Ryan) – John Hume Lecture Hall 4

  1. Tomás O’Sullivan (Independent), ‘New Directions in Early Medieval Exegesis: The Irish “Lambeth Commentary” and Wendepunkte Exegesis on the Sermon of the Mount’
  2. Victoria Hodgson (Stirling), ‘Cistercians and Saints in Scotland: Cults and the Monastic Context’
  3. Juliana Dresvina (Oxford), ‘”Longing for a father?” A Fresh Look on Freud and Medieval Religiosity Through Attachment Theory’

Coffee 4.00pm – Iontas Building, foyer

Plenary II 5pm – 6.30pm, Iontas Lecture Theatre (North Campus)

Chair, Professor Salvador Ryan

The Third Annual Paul Walsh Memorial Lecture

Professor Richard Sharpe (Oxford) – ‘Vexilla Regis: From the Banner of St Peter to the Banners of Rome’

Followed by conference dinner at The Avenue, Maynooth,


Saturday 1 July

Registration 9.00am – John Hume Building (North Campus)

Session Ia, 9.30 – 11am,

Norman Ireland and Scotland (Chair: Dr Elizabeth Boyle) – John Hume Lecture Hall 7

1. Aideen O’Leary (Aberdeen), ‘Canterbury’s Relations with Scotland and Ireland in Eadmer’s Historia Nouorum in Anglia
2. Keith Busby (Wisconsin-Madison), ‘Who Wrote the Geste? Re-evaluating the Vernacular Account of the Conquest’
3. Caren Mulcahy (UCD), ‘Syddan, Meath – The Case for an Anglo-Norman Burgage Town’

Session Ib, 9.30 – 11am,

Medieval Irish History – John Hume Lecture Hall 4

1. Tatiana Shingurova (Aberdeen), ‘Sacral Kingship of Munster: the Myths Converted’
2. Paolo Taviani (L’Aquila), ‘St Patrick’s Purgatory, 1497’

Coffee 11 – 11.30,

Session IIa 11.30am – 1pm,

Medieval Irish Intellectual Culture (Chair: Professor Liam Breatnach) – John Hume Lecture Hall 7

1. Kathryn O’Neill (Harvard), ‘The Irish Annals: Going Beyond Monastic Ties to a Universal Narrative’
2. Mariamne Briggs (Edinburgh), ‘“Whose Line is it Anyway?” Lactantius’s Commentary in the Middle Irish Thebaid
3. Daniel Watson (Maynooth), ‘Natural Law as Hierarchy and as Inspiration in Early Irish Literature’

Session IIb 11.30am – 1pm,

Ireland in Europe in the Early Middle Ages (Chair: Dr Bernhard Bauer) – John Hume Lecture Hall 4

  1. Enrique Santos Marinas (Madrid), ‘Following the Trail of Irish Missionaries in Medieval Central Europe: the Footprint of an Irish Penitential in Vita Constantini
  2. Nadia Mariana Consiglieri (Buenos Aires), ‘The Entwined Lineal Ornamentation in the Hispanic Beatus of the Tenth Century: Traces of an Early Iconographic Celtic Tradition’
  3. Dmitrii Glass (Limerick), ‘Passio Kiliani minor as a Historical Source’

2pm – historical tour of Maynooth South Campus and Castle with Professor Ray Gillespie (History, Maynooth) (finishing around 3.30pm)