20th Irish Conference of Medievalists, 22–24 June 2006

St Kieran’s College, Kilkenny

Edel Bhreathnach The world of medieval Irish learning: the evidence of glossaries and manuscripts

Harriet Thomsett Scélaigecht in medieval Ireland: an assessment of the literary evidence

Thomas McErlean Monastic estates and the twelfth-century reform

Diarmuid Ó Riain An Irish Jerusalem in Bavaria: the monastery of the Holy Cross and Holy Sepulchre

Michael Gibbons The problem of the Scots: the nature and extent of “Irish” settlement in Britain

John Bradley The Hospital of St Mary Magdalen, Kilkenny, at the close of the middle ages

Daniel Tietsch-Tyler Historical reconstruction: a useful tool for the archaeologist, architect and historian?

Judyta Szacillo Vita Sancti Aedi and its historical context

Colmán Etchingham Two short notes on Vikings

Kelly Fitzgerald Echtra Chonaill Gulbain, a man forgotten by his land: an analysis of literary influence on the oral tradition

Deirdre McAlister Early medieval childhoods: methodology, theory and evidence

Charles Smith Papal taxation in medieval Ireland

Freya Verstraten Portraits of lordship: images of 13th- and 14th-century Gaelic Irish rulers

Catherine Swift St Brigit’s nuns: French, African, Turkish or Irish?

Colin Veach ‘An ingenious act of little recourse’: Henry II’s grant of Meath to Hugh de Lacy

Peter Crooks The ‘Ricardian Vision’ revisited: Richard II and Ireland, 1394-1399

David Woods Gildas, Aetius and Patrick

Patrick McCafferty Comets in Irish mythology: finding facts in fantasy fiction?

Melanie Madox Early Irish law and the Irish ciuitas

Grigori Bondarenko Fintan mac Bóchna: Irish synthetic history revisited

Rosemary Power Faith, theft and fraud: a view of Norse-Hebridean contacts in the early 13th century

Alex Woolf Found in translation: Caw Prydyn and Caustantyn king of Alba

Ian Beuermann Man in focus: Henry II and Ireland

Paul McCotter Cantred and tríocha cét: one and the same?

Nicholas Evans The calculation of Columba’s arrival in Britain in Bede’s Ecclesiastical History and the Pictish king-list

Colmán Etchingham The history of Viking Limerick

Brian Lacey Fahan and Carndonagh: two cross-slabs, three Áeds and four clerics

Aideen O’Leary Druidic genealogy: Mog Ruith and his descendants in medieval Munster

Marcus Bale The etymology of the name of the festival of Beltaine

Bridgette Slavin Druídecht, cumachta and éle: references to magic in Early Irish texts

19th Irish Conference of Medievalists, 23–25 June 2005

St Kieran’s College, Kilkenny

Cóilín Ó Drisceoil Recent work on St Canice’s Cathedral, Kilkenny

John Bradley The layout of St John’s Augustinian Priory, Kilkenny, at the close of the Middle Ages

Peter Davey Manx ringforts: British or Irish?

Niamh Whitfield Finery in fact and fiction: an archaeologist looks at descriptions of clothing and accessories in the early Irish tale Tocmarc Becfola

Harriet Thomsett Re-assessing the poem of the Caillech Bérre

Melanie Madox The paradigm of ciuitas in early Irish sources

Michael Gibbons The Viking longphort at Linn Duachaill: its location and likely nature

Paula Geraghty Conservation and museums

Geraldine Parsons Acallam na Senórach, Dinnshenchas Érenn and dinnshenchas

Stuart Rutten Displacement and replacement: the Comrac Fir Diad within and without Táin Bó Cúailgne

Riita Latvio On the semantics of nemed

James Fraser Cumméne Find and the Convention at Druimm Cete

Roy Flechner Bishop Dagán and the Gregorian mission

Katja Ritari The representation of virtues in the earliest Lives of Brigit

Joseph Flahive Manannán and the bards

Graham Isaac The interpretation of the “Pictish” inscriptions: one step forward and two steps back

Donnchadh Ó Corráin The Council of Cashel, or how the Irish bishops gave up

Thomas Charles-Edwards Submission to an Irish over-king c. 700-1210: continuity and change

Nicholas Evans The chronology of Irish and Scottish history, 431-730

Laura Peelen Vita theorica and vita actualis: indication of Irish origin?

Jürgen Ziedler Further thoughts on the origins of ogam

Catherine Swift Towns and troublemakers: what do we do with Woodstown?

Michael Brennan Searching for symmetry in the Ardagh Brooch

Robert Stevick An Irish high cross and a La Tène bronze disc

Ian Beuermann Dublin, Argyle and Man: the Irish Sea triangle in the 1150s and 1160s

Alex Woolf Two kingdoms or one? Northumbria and the Uí Ímair imperium

Simon Taylor Kirkness and the Rock of the Hibernians: a toponymic tale from 11th-century Fife

Ann Buckley Music for the liturgical veneration of Irish saints: the current state of research

Pamela O’Neill When onomastics met archaeology: a tale of two Hinbas

Brian Lacey The battle of Cúl Dreimne: a wholly speculative re-interpretation

Colmán Etchingham Clann Cholmáin propaganda in Cogad Gáedel re Gallaib?

Fiona Edmonds Early medieval connections between Whithorn, the Solway region and Ireland