22nd Irish Conference of Medievalists, 26–29 June 2008

Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick

Kimberley Thounhurst (Cork) “Seldom-seen and lesser-known” cross sculpture of Tipperary and Waterford: context, function and distribution of the neglected minor carvings

Brian Hodkinson (Limerick) Hlymrek and the Old Norse origins of Limerick

Catherine Swift (Limerick) St Columbanus and an Irish solution to the French problem of Easter

Diarmuid Ó Riain (Dublin) An Irish contribution to the Austrian Romanesque–the impact of the Viennese Schottenkirche on the local architectural tradition

Jenifer Ní Ghradaigh (Cork) Drawing in ashes; creating/consecrating an early Irish church

Pádraic Moran (Cambridge) The cult of St Féíchín in Connemara

David Woods (Cork) St Columba, Silnán and the “male bovine”

Paul Gosling (Galway) St. Brigid and the Sick–some topographical evidence from the West of Ireland

Joseph Flahive (Cork) Ó Cleirigh’s Treatment of his Sources

Colmán Etchingham (Maynooth) Two notes on Vikings

D. Blair Gibson (Los Angeles) Celtic democracy: appreciating the role played by alliances and elections in Celtic political systems

Máirín Mac Carron (Cork) Bede, Patrick and the Virgin Martyrs: a study of female sanctity in the early Insular Church

Nicholas Evans (Glasgow) The Strathearn environs and Royal Forteviot Project: the historical context and potential European significance of a Scottish royal centre and its hinterland

Katja Ritari (Helsinki) Good and bad deaths and the posthumous destinies of souls in Adomnán’s Vita Columbae

Michael Gibbons (Clifden) The impact of World Heritage Status on Skellig Michael: authenticity versus visualisation

Áine Foley (Dublin) Royal manors in the Dublin hinterland

Dianne Hall (Melbourne) “Discomfited and outdone: women’s violence in late medieval Ireland

Colmán Etchingham (Maynooth) Anti-nativism and related matters: the heiress in Irish law and a witness from 5th C BC Crete

Sarah Thomas (Glasgow) The most attractive church in the Hebrides? The late medieval church and parish of Kilchoman on Islay

Emer Purcell (Cork) St Michan: Danish, Welsh or Irish?

Anna Matheson (Cambridge) Do Druthaib 7 Meraib 7 Dásachtaibh: a composite tract?

Tomás O’Sullivan (St Louis) In nomine Dei summi: a collection of Hiberno-Latin sermons?

Patrick Wadden (Oxford) The 684 attack on Brega and its impact on Irish perceptions of the English

Robert Lee (Manchester) Pictish symbols–are they symbols or language?

Stuart Rutten (Manchester) Old Irish ‘casal’ and Middle English ‘chesible’ in the Lexis of Cloth and Clothing–can Celtic and English co-exist?

Olga Karkishchenko (Moscow) Anglo-Norman borrowings into the Irish language